Play the taiko with various events

Performances at theaters, guest appearances of concerts, performances at shrines and temples.
Performances and lectures at events and welfare facilities.
Appearance on radio and TV.
We will respond to requests such as performance time and the program. If you can play a drum, you can go anywhere in the country

Workshop at Wadaiko

Join the heaven and the earth and release your self confidence.
We hold workshops that anyone can participate, not limited to drum performers.
We will release our mind and body, bring out 100% of our abilities, and aim at the experience of trembling core and allowing people gathering together.
We will also provide tutorials to drum group and Japanese drum performers.

Demonstration and To interact of taiko at school.(Entitled Lesson of Life)

I would like to tell the children of the future through the drumming performance at school the “heart of appreciation” “the importance of life” “the courage to take the first step”.
I would like to have fun telling my own taiko experience.
I was able to take courage and take the first step, knowing the importance of life, I could appreciate from the bottom of my heart.
alive is amazing!